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What is Required?

It is a requirement of our agency booking terms and conditions that clients are adequately insured for damage to a rented holiday property caused by you or your party. The accommodation supplier can ask to see evidence of this, and you may be refused entry to the property if you are not covered.

(Such insurance covers your liability for major damage, for example if fire or water damage occurred in the property during your stay and it was your fault. It is not the same as the security deposit, which is there for smaller value damage, breakages and losses.)

Suitable cover typically insures your personal liability for damage, etc, up to a value of £2 million. Not all travel insurance policies carry the necessary cover. Many inclusive travel insurance policies, such as those available with a credit card, do not.

We also recommend cover includes cancellation, theft, medical emergency, vehicle breakdown (if applicable), etc.

Where can I get cover? 

If you have annual, multi-trip travel insurance please check your policy.

UK Clients
For a comprehensive policy, we suggest getting an instant online quote from Voyager Insurance.  You can buy a policy on individual, couple or family group basis - if your holiday party is a mix of friends, then separate policies would need to be purchased. (Flexicover below offers group policies and is a better option in these circumstances.)

Here's a couple of alternatives:

Non-UK Clients
The above policy providers only sell to UK residents. If you live outside the UK, try Global IHI.

Clients who are home owners in continental Europe and North America may find that their household insurance policies also provide cover for rented properties. Please check your policy to be sure. (Such cover is uncommon in the UK as part of household insurance.)

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